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Our clients are a constant source of inspiration. 

Our clients are business owners and individuals with investments.

They share a common thread, a desire to control their financial future.

We are privileged to advise on their affairs and support their vision.

A couple of our client stories are shared below.


Roger Wood &
Randal Marsh

For over 30 years as practicing Architects, Roger Wood & Randal Marsh have created iconic designs. Their firm, Wood Marsh, has been recognised internationally for more than 50 architecture awards including the architectural medal twice.


They draw inspiration from the arts more generally and have continually refined their philosophy through their practice. The firm has an enduring legacy through infrastructure projects such as Eastlink and sculptural masterpieces such as Port Philip Estate and RACV Torquay.


We have relished the opportunity to witness the full lifeline of projects, from tender through to physical completion.

Photo Credit: John Gollings

Film Reel_edited.jpg
Barry Peak

Barry Peak has been an independent cinema operator since his university days, originating at the Valhalla Cinema.


An art-house cinema in Victoria Street Richmond, the Valhalla screened a selection of audience participation films where attendees would sing and dance to The Rocky Horror Picture Show and The Blues Brothers amongst others. Peak continues to travel in pursuit of the best independent films to screen at his Nova Cinemas.


Peak has been a client for over 30 years and the story of his businesses are seamlessly woven into the fabric of Melbourne arts and culture.

Professor Christine
Kilpatrick AO

Professor Christine Kilpatrick began her medical career as a practicing neurologist specialising in epilepsy and later transitioned into management roles as a passionate advocate for public health.


From 2008 to 2017, Prof. Kilpatrick served as the CEO of the Royal Children’s Hospital before moving to the role as CEO at Melbourne Health. In 2019, Prof Kilpatrick was appointed an Officer of the Order of Australia (AO). She has now retired and plans to assume advisory roles at various hospitals.


Prof. Kilpatrick has been a client of our firm for over 25 years and we have had the pleasure witnessing her profound influence in the medical field.

Doctor Analyzing X-Rays
Michael Cracknell

Mike Cracknell trained as a barista and coffee roaster prior to embarking upon his first café, Vertue Coffee Roasters in Carlton. Cracknell lives and breathes his

businesses and his understanding of every food service nuance has helped to grow his number of outlets, including wholesale supplies of coffee, chai and drinking chocolate.

It has been a joy for our firm to accompany Cracknell as his business flourishes and he diversifies his aspirations.

Stephen Colman

Stephen Colman, a dynamic entrepreneur, has founded several successful businesses. His latest venture, Neighbourhood, offered two innovative coworking spaces in Fitzroy for creative professionals.


An advocate for small business networks and community building, Steven has been a visionary leader. 

It has been a privilege to support Stephen's ventures and celebrate his successes. 

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