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At Elias Rosenberg our services improve the lives of business owners.

Our services help you build a business that works for you. One that gives you the money you need to achieve financial freedom. 

We achieve this by delivery exceptional accounting, taxation and business advisory services. We see ourselves as your mentor, sounding board and a stakeholder in your success.


  • Tax structuring that provides ideal outcomes in the present and into the future.

  • Preparation & lodgement of all taxation returns and financial reports.

  • Implementation of technologies that reduce the burden of compliance.

  • Updates on taxation in the legislative & political environments as they pertain to your affairs.

Business Advisory

  • Advice on business strategy through the entire life-cycle: from start-up through to sale or succession.

  • Monitoring the key metrics of business performance to assist with operational and managerial decision-making.

  • Oversight of the bookkeeping and secretarial functions as a means ensuring clean data and real-time reporting.

Self-Managed Superannuation

  • Advice on the management and administration of your existing self-managed superannuation.

  • We enhance your control over your superannuation and facilitate active engagement with the assets that will support your retirement.

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